Wow! So, as I was browsing Google the other night-as I do from time to time to make sure that The Virtual Attorney is being appropriately represented in the ether- I came across this.

That happens to be the very first press release I ever sent out telling the world that we're open for business. While "the firm" existed prior to that, I consider April 16th, 2012 as the date it became official...

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>     It is now illegal in Wisconsin to post a sexually explicit image of someone on the Internet without their knowledge as the state legislature follows a number of other states in passing a “Revenger Porn” law.

>     Lawyers representing five former fraternity members charged following the 2012 death of a pledge are hoping to convince a judge...

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green check mark

By now, you may have heard about Heartbleed- an OpenSSL bug which allows an internet attacker to read the memory of a server or a client, allowing them to retrieve, for example, a server's SSL private keys. A number of websites have potentially been affected, including MyCase, which we use to host our client portal.

While we haven't had any direct indication that any confidential information has...

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championship cup

March Madness Supreme Court Edition Championship Matchup:

1. Griswold v. Connecticut vs. ...

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number two

Top Four Most Monumental Supreme Court Case of all time:


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1. Griswold v. Connecticut vs. 10. ...

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