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Couples are living together before marriage more than ever before. Perhaps unsurprisingly, for many of those lovebirds, a long-term future together is not always in the cards. When breakups happen, it’s challenging enough splitting up tangible property, kitchenware and furniture that was mutually acquired over the course of the relationship. But, there is another issue that far too many couples in this situation have to consider:

Who gets the family pet...

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Estate Planning for Same Sex Couples presents some challenges not otherwise seen when planning for married couples. In states like Illinois, where same-sex marriage is legal, the challenges are now much easier to conquer than they were even a year ago, however, it's important for same-sex couples, both married and unmarried to know the implications to their estates should one of them become incapacitated or die.

So, The Virtual Attorney will be rolling out a number of informational materials over the coming weeks that will...

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Did you know that there are multiple ways in which you can hold title to real estate? For first time homebuyers, especially couples- both married and unmarried, deciding how to take title to their new home can be confusing. Not only that, but small variants in the words used in a deed can have far-reaching consequences for each person should something happen to the co-owner. That’s why it’s important to know the major characteristics that differentiate the main ways to hold title to property.


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I often speak to other attorneys about virtual law offices and how to incorporate some of the benefits of this model of legal service delivery into their own practice. Perhaps not surprisingly, I am frequently asked by friends, colleagues and others what makes my firm different than a traditional law firm. I thought I'd share a small slice of what us virtual practitioners mean when we say that we operate "Virtual Law Offices". As you'll quickly see, there's no "one-size-fits-all" mold that we all fit into. Instead...

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The licenses and permits you will need to operate your business vary widely depending on your location and type of business. However, there are a few items that will be necessary for nearly all new businesses.

Federal EIN

FEIN stands for Federal Employment Identification Number. Your company’s EIN will be used as an identifier on federal tax forms. If your business is going to have employees then you will need to obtain an EIN to use when reporting income to the government. While some business owners without...

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It was not too long ago that pet owners were faced with a challenging dilemma- what happens if they die and there is no one willing to take care of their pet? Far too often, the potential monetary burden of paying to take care of a deceased friend or relative’s pets was enough for most folks to say “no thanks.” Well, while the problem technically still exists, Wisconsin and Illinois have made it potentially easier to find a friend or family member willing to take on that role and give a deceased individual’s pets a loving home. That’s because both states permit...

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