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One of the first decisions an entrepreneur must make after deciding to start a business is how the business should be structured. There are a number of options, from C Corporation to S Corporation, to various types of partnerships. But by far, the most common entity chosen by small business owners is the Limited Liability Company, or LLC. The LLC offers a number of advantages over operating a business in an individual capacity as a...

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A power of attorney is a written agreement that authorizes a trusted individual to make decisions on your behalf and in your best interests. That person, or agent is tasked with carrying out your wishes, often times when you are unable to direct them how to do so. That can come with some pretty important consequences when dealing with things like...

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For many new business owners, one of the first questions they need to tackle is what type of business entity to form. From multiples types of...

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Most people have heard of trusts, but often times when I begin a conversation with a client about whether a trust should be incorporated into their estate plan, I am met with blank stares and dozens of questions. If you have heard of a trust but don't really know what it does or how it works, you're not alone.

When estate planning attorneys talk about trusts, they can be referring to a number of different planning...

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As I write this, Brittany Maynard is living the last few weeks of her young life. She’s 29 years old- just a year younger than me, so reading about her story has hit close to home for me. I don’t pretend that my words on this blog are profound, so for those that haven’t read about Brittany or seen her story on the news; you can read a wonderful piece on her journey about it here.

If you didn’t click the...

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I advise a number of businesses that are just starting out and looking to establish themselves in some competitive markets. While they come to me to help them sort out legal issues associated with starting a business, as a small business owner myself, I always enjoy sharing my story and what I've learned operating my still-very-young business from a business standpoint as well.

One of the most important things I try to instill into folks is that it's absolutely imperative to figure out why they are different than their...

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