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Is it spring yet?

Here are your legal links for the week--  

►  Wisconsin lawmakers are looking to rewrite the state’s criminal code, but time isn’t on their side. It appears the bill will now be tabled until next year.  

► It is looking like a possibility that smoking could soon be banned in cars with kids in the state of Illinois, following a...

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IRS Form 1040

Each year brings with it various changes to federal tax laws. Navigating all of those changes can be daunting, especially if you have little experience or knowledge about tax outside of filing income tax returns for yourself or your family.

From new taxes to modified contributions limits and filing limits, here are a number of federal tax law changes to know for 2014 (tax year 2013).

If you have filed already, my hat's off to you for being on top of things. Hopefully you managed to keep in mind some of these changes. If you haven't filed yet, you're definitely not alone. Just...

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silver wedding rings

Chances are at some point or another you and your spouse have brought up the topic of estate planning. Whether it was talking about writing wills or how to plan for retirement, it’s a common discussion for married couples to find themselves in. Often, though, couples are not entirely familiar with the planning doors marriage opens up.

From unlimited lifetime gifting, to passing large sums of money upon the death of the first spouse, married couples enjoy a number of...

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green check mark

Cohabitating couples are quickly becoming more common. According to a 2013 government study, nearly 48% of women move in with men before getting married.

With these committed relationships, however, it’s important to remember that, while you may act like a married couple, you certainly are not viewed as one under the law. That can have some serious consequences if proper precautions are not taken, especially in the...

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Hopefully everyone in the Midwest is surviving Polar Vortex 2.0! Here are the legal stories in the news this week.

►        Autism awareness has increased in the last few years and NY Senator Chuck Shumer is using that as an opportunity to propose a new law aimed at helping those with autism stay safe.

►       Anyone that has lived in Wisconsin knows about the state’s attitude (or lack thereof) towards drunk driving. But, the legislature feels there...

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Upon graduation from college, or reaching your young twenties, you should be starting to think about setting yourself up for the future as you build your career. Opening retirement accounts and putting money aside for your later years will become routine. Along with planning for your future financially, it’s important to plan for unforeseen events that may leave your loved ones in a stressful spot should something happen to you. This is why estate planning is important to consider, even...

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