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round 1

Results are in for the first two brackets in our March Madness Tournament, Supreme Court edition. To see which cases came out on top, check out the results here and here!

Results in the remaining two brackets will be posted tomorrow, so check back soon!

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There are few more anticipated times of the year for college sports fans than NCAA March Madness. Over the course of three weeks, the NCAA men's (and women's) champion is crowned. The one-and-done lose and go home nature of the tournament keeps it ripe with excitement, where drawing the wrong opponent can mean the difference between going home and living to fight another day. In the spirit of March Madness, we're holding our own little tournament. But, instead of college basketball teams facing off, we're pitting the 64 most monumental U.S. Supreme Court cases...

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►       The internet was shocked and rightfully outraged Wednesday afternoon when Massachusetts’ Supreme Court rule that a man taking cellphone photos up the skirts of women did not violate the state’s Peeping Tom laws. So what does Illinois law say on the subject?


►       An important new legal development in Illinois...

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Upon death, individuals are entitled to leave their assets to chosen beneficiaries tax free so long as the total value of those assets is less than the current estate tax exclusion amount in place for the year in which the death occurs. Apart from real estate, one of the most valuable assets that many people own, or will consider purchasing during their lives is life insurance. Often, these policies can payout millions of dollars so when their value is added to the total value of all other assets in an estate, an individual can quickly approach the limit of...

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In Illinois, individuals have a unique option for holding title to real estate not otherwise available to individuals in the vast majority of other states. The Illinois Land Trust is a creation of common law, though now is governed by a number of Illinois statutes. While less common these days than it has been at times in the past, Illinois Land Trusts can be effective estate planning tools in certain situations.

What is an Illinois Land Trust?

Basically, an Illinois land trust is a mechanism used to handle ownership in real estate. Similar to a...

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Is it spring yet?

Here are your legal links for the week--  

►  Wisconsin lawmakers are looking to rewrite the state’s criminal code, but time isn’t on their side. It appears the bill will now be tabled until next year.  

► It is looking like a possibility that smoking could soon be banned in cars with kids in the state of Illinois, following a...

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