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When starting a business, having a partner brings some obvious benefits over going it alone, but what happens if both individuals decide to eventual go their separate ways or one faces a life-altering event or death? A buy-sell agreement can plan for any of those happenings, among a long list of others. In general terms, a buy-sell agreement is an agreement between the owners of the business that, upon the occurrence of a triggering event, a departing owner will sell his interest in the business to the remaining owner based upon pre-determined terms. The benefits of buy-sell agreements are...

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The website "A Better Virtual" did a nice little write-up on the virtual law office and online lawyer movement, and how Michael F. Brennan Law Offices (now the Virtual Attorney) is playing a part in it's expansion.

The text and link are below.

"MILWAUKEE—Is the virtual law office trend still gaining momentum? You bet. The virtual office concept has now spread to Milwaukee’s legal scene. The latest...

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When most people think of estate planning there is a tendency to equate the process with will drafting, however estate planning is much more than presenting a list of property and a list of individuals that should receive that property to a lawyer and receiving a will in return. Estate planning is the process by which individuals arrange their affairs in an orderly way for management during life and for disposition during life and after death. While the estate planning...

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CNN Money posted an article recently about exploring the possibility of receiving a loan from a family member rather than a lending institution. While most people aren't fortunate enough to have enough extra cash to finance a home purchase for a child, if you have a parent that is, there can be significant financial benefits to both you and your parents.

In order...

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College savings ideas

With the ever-increasing cost of education in this country, one of the most prominent thoughts of any parents is how they will pay for their children to attend college. However, there are ways to begin planning early that will lead to an income stream for education expenses when the time for college arises.

Instead of waiting until the child is 18 and ready to ship off to school, there are options available to plan for that day throughout the child’s...

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What would happen to your online persona if you died? After all, it is the digital age, and individuals are creating online personalities on a more regular basis. In addition, banking, and bill pay services are now digital. Many times, an individual does not even receive any paper record that an account exists as confirmation notices are sent to email accounts rather than physical addresses.

Digital assets are those which exist in a solely electronic and non-tangible manner such as email, online photos, and online accounts ranging from PayPal to Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube and...

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