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risk for money

I often receive questions from small business owners or folks thinking about starting a new business about how best to protect themselves from liability. Not surprisingly, from a legal standpoint, it’s usually the primary concern of new business owners. In the age of Google, it’s possible for curious entrepreneurs to look into that question on their own before coming to me for my opinion. No doubt your trusty search engine is a wonderful source of information, but as the saying goes, “don’t believe everything...

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digital assets

Law is a slow moving animal. More often than not, changes to laws or adoption of new laws are not so much of a function of foreseeing future issues for which they may be applicable, as they are reactionary- adopted in light of societal changes that require modifications to the formal constructs of society in order to keep up with an ever-changing world.

Perhaps no issue in the field of estate planning and asset management better illustrates that reality better than that of digital asset planning, management and access.

Digital Assets


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The cloud, while often intimidating to attorneys, has become a hot topic for law firms looking to stay on the forefront of technology. Terms like cloud storage, cloud computing, and Software as a Service (SaaS) add confusion to the definition. But, generally speaking, the cloud refers to an interconnected network of servers, systems and hard drives that enable a user to store and access data from multiple devices and locations (For a comprehensive overview of working in the cloud, see Ed Finkle’s article, “...

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LLC or S Corp.

I'm frequently approached (virtually) by entrepreneurs that have great ideas for a new business to start. They know that they need to form SOME type of business, but often they don't know much more than the terms "LLC" or "Corporation." That's by no means a knock on them, as most people don't have much reason to know the differences between various types of business entities, much less how their structure can have an effect of operations,...

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Financial Planner Brian Plain

As any estate planning attorney will attest to, financial planners are some of our strongest allies when we work to help clients ensure that their futures and families are well taken care of. But, not all advisors are alike. Some charge flat fees, like an attorney, for ongoing involvement with your financial affairs, while others don’t charge anything, but rather make a living off of commissions paid to them by the institutions with which they place policies.

Given the wide array of options out there, finding a planner that...

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The Alternative Advisor

As an estate planning attorney, I find myself working with clients to protect certain aspects of their financial life at a very high level, meaning, that while we work together to establish the framework that ensures the client and his or her family will be taken care of should something happen, I don't specifically deal with the financial vehicles involved in helping folks grow their assets during life. That's where the financial advisor comes in and why guys like Brian Plain are great to have on your team.

Brian is a...

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