Last Will and Testament

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This document provides for who should receive property and manage your affairs upon your death.

A will is a legal declaration that does a number of things. A will provides for who should receive property upon an individual’s death. An individual can state in a will who should receive specific items of property and who should receive the remaining property. A will is also used to appoint a guardian for minor children who is legally responsible for the children when the person signing the will dies. An individual also names a personal representative through a will who is the individual that manages the estate, begins the probate process, gathers assets and disposes of them according to the terms of the will. Wills are the most well-known estate planning tool and the foundation for any estate plan.

Your Last WIll and Testament Includes:

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Curious what would happen if you died without a will? The answer may surprise you. Read about what happens if you die without a will here.

Wills can't do everything on their own. Instead, they are most effectve when forming a part of a comprehensive estate plan. Here is a little biut about what a will can, and cannot do.

So, why not use Legal Zoom to make your will? Well, to put it simply, a number of reasons. Writing a will without the assistance and expertise of an attorney on your side can often have drastic unintended consequences.

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