Founded in 2012 by then-28 year-old attorney and entrepreneur, Michael Brennan, The Virtual Attorney is a 21st century law office where technology is a driving force behind increasing the value of legal services through accessibility and convenience at an affordable price.

Currently based in Grayslake, Illinois, The Virtual Attorney is the first known entirely virtual law office serving clients throughout the tri-state area of Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Clients are able to work with a licensed attorney in the areas of estate planning and business law entirely online- whether they’re at their desk at work or couch at home.

According to Brennan, "People today are very comfortable using technology in their everyday lives whether it's to buy clothes or pay a utility bill. I don't think that the delivery of many legal services needs to be any different." Brennan believes the law should be accessible to everyone- young and old; rich and poor. It’s his hope that, with The Virtual Attorney, people will come to realize that what they want in a lawyer and what they need in a lawyer doesn’t have to be different.

WHY VIRTUAL? At its simplest level, everyone deserves access to a lawyer. Of course, stating the obvious is one thing, but delivering on that belief is another. While many clients still enjoy the comforts of a conference room and physical face-to-face office meeting, continuously improving technology has created expectations that things should be able to be done anytime and anywhere. Generation Y is technologically focused and ever-ready to adapt to change- two traits not typically attributed to the legal industry. The Virtual Attorney is out to change that. It’s our sincere belief that the practice of law is ripe for a revolution. It’s our mission to transform the face of law to reflect new generations’ increased desire for convenience, responsiveness and affordability. From buying a new pair of shoes to paying an electric bill, people today can do practically anything online.

According to Brennan, the delivery of legal services doesn’t have to be any different. So what makes it different than other legal service sites out there? The answer is simple and essential to any legal services… A LAWYER. Websites like Legalzoom and Rocket Lawyer cannot provide legal advice and can only provide self-help services based on specific directions. They do not provide any kind of advice, explanation, or opinion to a consumer about possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms or strategies.* Consumers deserve more, and it’s our goal at The Virtual Attorney to be that difference. *taken from Legalzoom’s actual disclaimer.