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An Excerpt from Solo out of Law School | Turn Downsides Upside Down

There are endless reasons not to start a law firm. Think about it.

After all, you have no experience, no paying clients, stiff competition from alternative legal service providers with massive marketing budgets and worst of all, a very real fear that people may actually know that you feel like you don't have the slightest clue what you are doing.

Brian Plain CFP | The Alternative Advisor Podcast

As an estate planning attorney, I find myself working with clients to protect certain aspects of their financial life at a very high level, meaning, that while we work together to establish the framework that ensures the client and his or her family will be taken care of should something happen, I don't specifically deal with the financial vehicles involved in helping folks grow their assets during life. That's where the financial advisor comes in and why guys like Brian Plain are great to have on your team.

The Alternative Advisor

Helpful Resources for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

I’ve written a lot about starting a new business and the legal challenges that any new entrepreneur must consider when turning an initial idea into a buildable business concept, trends I see taking off in 2013, how to give your new business a legal kick start, tools to operate an efficient business in the beginning stages and num


Wisconsin Solo and Small Firm Conference 2012 Recap

On Thursday I took part in a wonderful panel discussion on virtual law offices and their potential to serve an increasing client base in the coming years. My strong (though obviously biased) opinion is that this is the future of the legal profession. There is no denying the impact that the internet and other continually-evolving technologies play in our everyday lives. From buying a pair of shoes to paying a utility bill to donating money to an entrepreneur in sub-Saharan Africa, everything is done through electronic means.



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