The Virtual Attorney Estate Planning Difference

Here's the difference when you decide to enlist The Virtual Attorney to help with your estate planning.

Lower cost

As a young attorney, I recognize the need for lowering legal costs in today’s economy and I see technology as a way to do that.  Attorneys from my generation are so adept at high tech office management techniques, such as cloud file storage, online research, and wireless business phone systems – that the need for secretaries and receptionists has all but vanished for many young solo attorneys and small firms, keeping our overhead much lower than that of our more established colleagues. This doesn't just save us the expense of hiring an office paralegal, it also leads to lower office rent costs, savings on office supplies, and more. The result is that, not only do we charge a lower hourly rate, but we actually get the job done more efficiently and at a tremendously lower cost, saving our clients a lot of money.


I work virtually with my clients, which means it's easier to schedule a meeting after work or on a Saturday. There's no commute, and you don't have to take time off of work.


I have the time to devote to you and give you the one-on-one personalized attention that you deserve. Older attorneys are often overwhelmed trying to please the large portfolio of clients that they have built over the course of a long career. Oftentimes what suffers is client communication. At this point in my career I am generally able to return emails and calls within one business day.

As a young lawyer, I am not a member of the “good ol boys” network and don’t face the pressures to conduct business one way or another. Plus, I haven’t been desensitized by the high volume of cases or estates that older attorneys have dealt with during the course of their careers. I haven't developed the bad habit getting stuck in my ways, for example by drafting a will a certain way because  "this is how I always write wills.” I still have a tremendous passion for tackling each unique situation as just that and refuse to carelessly fit ever estate into a cookie cutter mold.


As a young lawyer, I don’t have preconceived assumptions of how your estate would be best handled. This allows me to think outside the box, and keeping an open mind ensures that I’m learning every detail about your estate and thinking of all possible ways it could be handled.

A lifelong Relationship 

Within the field of estate planning, young lawyers are especially beneficial to clients, as we are more likely to see our clients' estates through probate and to act as executors to their wills.

You can get great reliable work from a baby boomer lawyer, but you can get the same quality work from me or one of my contemporaries at a better price and with better and more personalized customer service. Your lawyer doesn't need to have gray hair to do great work.